Who told the ordinary follower of Christ they weren’t qualified?

Dove asked a person to describe themselves to a forensic artist and then other people describe them to the same artist and then they are shown the two drawings side by side. (3 min)

This reminds me that Jesus ordained, commission, sent out (you choose your favorite!) the disciples in Matthew 28.  Some of whom are worshippers and others are doubters.  Their disposition, talents, and or giftedness doesn’t seem to matter to Jesus.  Only their obedience.  They met him where he asked!

Yet we consistently send the message to the average follower of Christ

  • you aren’t mature enough
  • you need to be trained and equipped
  • you are educated enough
  • you aren’t ordained
  • you haven’t been to Bible College or Seminary
  • you don’t have the right gifts
  • you need to develop your leadership gifts

Jesus simply said, “Go make disciples.”

What if we saw everyone person who was willing to express simple obedience to Jesus as a disciple maker?

God delights in using the ordinary to do extra-ordinary things!

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