What if?

Daniel 9:17 Act out of who you are, not out of who we are.

Daniel’s plea to God! Maybe the very reason we don’t approach God with confidence. We come expecting Him to act out of who I am not who He is! My bashfulness before God may have to do more with my sense of guilt and shame than his grace and mercy. How is it that I see God for who He is. Why do I have to paint Him through my own colored glasses. He is captive to who I am and not free to be God.

What if I lived today as if everything I teach about God is fully and totally true? What if I allow my emotions to be colored by the compassionate graciousness that God willingly and consistently shows toward me. Would I feel the need to self protect? Would I be open to deeper and more satisfying relationships? Would I risk exploring those around me despite where it might lead? Would I be so self conscious? Would I manage my image?

If today, I truly let God be God not just the God of my head, by the God of my heart and soul somehow I think my life would be radically altered. I would taste a life that Jesus promised? What have I got to loose? It is not like I have such a handle on life that living as if the almighty God of the universe exist and longs to have me experience my sonship everyday, would be a big risk!

What stops me from this kind of living? I don’t even know what it looks, feels, thinks like. Am I describing something that doesn’t exist or exist just out of my grasp. Or is it something I don’t need to grasp but simply surrender to the invasion of God?

Somehow, Father, make today different!

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