Vision isn’t everything especially if a rung is missing

As young leader I quickly got intoxicated on the power of vision.  If you could draw a compelling picture of the future, much like the juicy red apple at the top of the ladder, people would follow you.

An abrupt reality tladderrungmissinghough was that they would follow only as long as their reality and your future reality had a connection.  Using the ladder illustration, they needed rungs in the ladder to get from where they were to where you are thinking they can go.

They could accept a rung missing closer to the ground but as you ascend and the risks get higher they find themselves moving slower, doubting your direction or just plain refusing to move.

I have such a ladder and in the early days of living in my house I needed to get up high.  About 15 feet off the ground was a missing rung.  It was an exciting experience to ascend above that rung, so exciting that I avoided all jobs that need that altitude.

It is easy to talk in theoretical terms about discipleship, making disciples, multiplication etc.  But do you have rungs missing in your ladder?  Do you have a street executable strategy for making disciples?  Is that strategy in sync with the Great Commission?  What I mean is that Jesus taught a “multiplicative” discipling processes.

He didn’t command us to make disciples, he asked us to making disciple making disciples.  So are your disciples able to make disciples.  Or because you’ve “discipled” them with your personality, passion and giftedness, are they simply not able to do what you did because they aren’t you?

Immediately when I was exposed to obedience focused, discovery based disciple making, I knew that it had the replication built into the process.  My personal strengths and weaknesses were moved to the side and a simple repeatable processes that hovered around the Bible was exposed.

My bachelor’s degree in Greek, my Th. M from Dallas Seminary (please don’t hold that against me!), Cru training in college, Nav 2:7 in a church, Evangelism Explosion certification and I could go on, all left me with rungs missing in my ladder.

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