Summer Internship for Global Impact

Summer Internship with a Global Focus 

Shoal Creek Community Church is re-starting its summer internship program which it ran for 11 years.

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Raising a generation for the nations

In partnership with Frontiers and other sending agencies, Shoal Creek has opened the application process for twelve summer interns focusing on reaching unreached populations in the Kansas City metro area.

Summer Interns will be

  • provided room and board for the 11 weeks
  • and receive a stipend of $100 week.
  • ask to help raise funds toward the project
  • provided mentoring and coaching in DMM*
  • challenged to grow in their relationship with God
  • supervised in field experience in cross cultural ministry
  • and exposed to working as a team.

Daily Schedule

To make a disciple, you must be a disciple so mornings will be given to building intimacy with God and classroom discussion.  Afternoons and evenings provide the practicum for Intern teams to build bridges to the unreached communities.

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Learn Disciple Making Movements*

The hand of God can be seen around the world in movements.  Not the addition of converts but the emergence of disciple making disciples.   Global strategist have discovered some transferable principles in these movements that can be learned.  Interns will be exposed to the mind shifts and the methods of these movements.

Field Experience

The classroom will spill out into the streets as teams of interns choose ethnic populations in Kansas City to find gateways to the unreached.

Download flyer SCSummerinternship

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