LSD – Long Slow Determination

Seth Godin’s blog:

Almost no one 

“There’s a huge difference between “no one” and “almost no one”.

Almost no one is going to hire you.

Almost no one is going to become a true fan.

Almost no one is going to tell someone else about your work.

Almost no one is going to push you to make your work ever better.

If only 1% of the US population steps up, that’s 3,000,000 people in the category of “almost no one.”

If only one out of 10,000 internet users engages with you, that’s still hundreds of thousands of people.

The chances that everyone is going to applaud you, never mind even become aware you exist, are virtually nil. Most brands and organizations and individuals that fail fall into the chasm of trying to be all things in order to please everyone, and up reaching no one.

That’s the wrong thing to focus on. Better to focus on and delight almost no one.”

If you are like me you have started groups, trained, trained, trained, and talked yourself blue in the face about the benefits of multiplicative disciple making and almost no one listens.

The beauty of Seth’s comments that when almost no one begin to be a disciple and make disciples the world, our world, your world will begin to change.  It take LSD to make it happen, Long Slow Determination that you are reading the Bible correctly.

2 thoughts on “LSD – Long Slow Determination”

  1. YES! I was reminded yesterday as I talked with a fisherman that I love to catch fish. Sometimes people asked do you like to fish and I say, “No!”, I like to catch fish I don’t like to fish. That mentality when it comes to the practice of multiplicative disciple making is cancerous. It takes long deliberate practice to fits the principles of DMM into a culture and then to develop the “art” of DMM rather than viewing it as a science.

  2. a very very timely reminder to stick with this version of LSD and not take better known and faster acting version…

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