Reading the Moffat Version of Bible is very fascinating. I am not a poetry kind of guy yet the poetry of lamentation is fascinating.

I was reminded by 3:26 “It is good to wait in silence for the help of the Eternal, it is good to hear without a word the rebuke of the Eternal.

Silence, has been a powerful force in my spiritual journey. The dark days of ’92-’93 were days when silence became a dear friend. All talk seemed fruitless, so I sat in silence for many hours.

I sense that I need a season of silence. It is time to regain that discipline and come to know it again in a new season of my life. In the former season everything was up for grabs, I had know idea what the future would hold but now certainty abounds. Yet in a new ways I know that silence will once again be that which leads me.

As my new way of life is becoming more comfortable, the chance for silence is simple. Just have to give up my addiction to distraction and let the silence begin.

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