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Most of us don’t consider ourselves salesman, in fact, the average person has a stomach turning reaction to selling or being sold. Yet in To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink argues that the majority of the American workforce is in the “selling business.”

Each day we have to “move” people. They have something we want-time, money, followers-attention-parents sell children-spouse sell each other-co-workers attempt to move each other. This is so prevalent that Pink entitled his newest book, “To Sell is Human.”

I need your help to sell the conversation about Spent Matches. To move people to read a perspective about the progress of the only hope for this world and the next.

A discussion so important that Jesus issued his last command about it. This web address has a flier with people like Floyd McClung and Bob Roberts’ thoughts on Spent Matches.

Would you post this flyer to your Facebook and other social media pages? I’ve also attached it as a PDF.

If you haven’t read Spent Matches hear is what two heavy weights are saying:

David Watson: Spent Matches is a roadmap for the modern church to discover how to make disciple-makers and have significant impact on families and communities. It will help you take a critical look at yourself and your church. It will show you some of the dead ends, as well as some of the highways to disciple-making disciples. It will lead you to becoming and developing self-feeding disciples who make self-feeding disciples. It will challenge you to fail forward quickly—learning from mistakes and endeavoring to never repeat them, and finding success where none was apparent. It will push you to train, train, train; and to train in an adaptive way that meets the diversity of the urban setting.

Victor John: This book from Roy Moran highlights the biblical concept of the Christian church as a “movement”. . . not a “monument.” He challenges the tendency of the church to focus on “maintenance” rather than on her “mission” as the body of Christ. He provides a solution by calling the church back to the great commission which refocuses her on obedience to Jesus’ call to make disciples which will promote Church Planting Movements. After all it is “among the wolves that we are to find sheep.” His experiences and passions have produced a helpful and practical challenge to the church of Jesus Christ. Shalom!

(Victor and David are responsible for the largest, widest, longest movement of the gospel since the first century. See Contagious Disciple Making by David and Paul Watson)

Would you post this flier to your Facebook? Would you Tweet about it? Would you post it to Pinterest? Snapchat it? What’s App it? And any other social media you might use.

You don’t have to agree with my conclusions in the book just that a discussion about the Great Commission is vital.

I am not asking you to sell books for me. The hard truth of the book market is that the upfront monies they pay you to write the book is all the revenue you are going to get from the book. What I am asking you to do is sell the conversation?

The last command of Jesus is so important that we ought to be talking about how to be effective at seeing every tribe, tongue and nation with the opportunity to live in the favor of a God who created them.Thanks listening.

If you’ve read Spent Matches would you also do me a favor and go over to Amazon and leave an honest review?

Look for weekly live WebJams around Disciple Making Movements coming in Oct!

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