Hybrid Church-Kindle Edition Available

Exciting and effective movements of the gospel are happening around the world yet in the US we are still losing the battle to see the gospel keep pace with the population’s growth.

Mega-church, multi-site, missional communities are all new forms to attempt more effective spread of the good news of Jesus Christ. But despite all of our best efforts, with our most talented and gifted leaders we still can’t seem to crack the code of setting the good news of Jesus free from our forms to spread viral.

But can you adapt these new strategies without jettisoning the current structures? Hybrid church is one man’s attempt at synthesis. Using a Hybrid car as a metaphor, Roy Moran meshes the attractional model of ministry with a multiplicative disciple-making model.

Hybrid Church is an experiment of one local church to adapt to the movement thinking of our brothers and sisters around the world and build a platform to influence a western, attractional, placed-based church fellowship toward a multiplicative disciple-making model.

From the radicalization of a senior leader who was classically trained at Dallas Seminary to his attempts to persuade his staff and congregation to join him on a journey of making disciples who make disciples, Hybrid Church shares the history as well as the learnings along the way.

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