Hybrid Church Come/Go Strategy

My introduction to current automobile technology came when my octogenarian in-laws wanted a new car although neither could drive at the time! You just don’t argue with 80+ year old people. A friend owned a car they were looking at so we borrowed it for a

test drive. I had never driven a Hybrid car.  Being ever practical my mother in law wanted to stop by the grocery store on the test drive so I parked just outside the door of her favorite market and waited while she ran into to get a few things. Half an hour later she emerged with a small bag of groceries and climbed in the hybrid car.

It was then the drama began. I hadn’t turned the car off because it didn’t seem to be running. So when I started forward it was a strange sensation not to hear an engine rev.

It must have been strange also for the lady who walked right in front of me. Fortunately the brakes are conventional, worked and created a threatening screech!

I am sure that it never occurred to the lady holding two bags of groceries coming out of the store that a car not making a sound could be a threat to her health. She grew up in a world where cars make sounds when they move and especially when they move from a stand still.

Her world had now changed! Her old paradigm had brought her in harms way and her survival depended on her changing her thinking and behavior. Hybrid cars that possess both a gas and electric engine had entered her world. No longer could she count on hearing a car coming at her, she must now understand that cars move silently propelled by an electric engine.

It was this moment that gave birth to a new way of thinking about how I did Church.

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