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Ted Esler has written an insightful article comparing a “Traditional” model of spreading the Good News to a new approach entitle “CPM.”  CPM stands for Church Planting Movements and is often described in the west a “DMM” or Disciple-Making Movements.

Here is a small taste of a necessary read:

In the Proclamational Model leaders within the church environment are a necessary component for discipleship to occur. This leadership must be in place before a church can exist. Church planting is the result of strategic spiritual shepherding built upon a foundation of maturity. Scriptures that emphasize the supremacy of preaching and teaching are part and parcel of this model. Church planting is the result of careful and consistent leadership oversight provided by the church.

The CPM Model, in stark contrast, sees church planting as a much more organic process. Churches are formed when people are exposed to the Scriptures and grow spiritually. This most often happens using a self-discovery model rather than through a leader centric model. The church, more or less, springs into existence as a result of discipleship. The leader does not make this happen directly; it’s the result of growing disciples. This is one reason why some CPM advocates prefer the phrase disciple making movement instead of CPM.

The article can be found here

Ted blogs at Esler.org.  Congrats to Ted for being named new leader of MissioNexus. @tedstur

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