DMM Resources

My Youtube Channel
Justin Long’s Think Tank interview with Roy Moran
Learn to facilitate a Discovery Group.  (built for a phone)
  • DG is a place where people learn to read the Bible, obey and share it with their friends
Roy Moran, Hybrid Church, Can DMM and a local church co-exist, even thrive?
Roland Allen, Spontaneous Expansion of the Church and Its Hindrances
Beyond Videos explaining Church Planting/Disciple-making Movements
The difference between T4T and DMM/Obedience based Disciple Making
Roy Moran plenary message at iDisciple Conference
New Generations Disciple-making Movements explanation
David Watson Training Mp3s-I cut my teeth listening to Watson, although not exhilarating, it continues to challenge me.
Stan Parks helped me see that disciple-making movements come out of training movements listen to his rationale.