Confessions Of A Would Be Discipler

When my understanding of Matthew 28:16-20 changed my approach to making disciples changed.


For the better part of the 25 yrs I made disciples.  The names in these circles represent individuals who I taught to obey Jesus.  I used my gifts and passions to cooperate with the HS to transform their internal world, their relationships and the use of the resources that God had provided them.


I have always lived with a frustration that my disciples didn’t make disciples like I did.  I used all kinds of terminology and metaphor to get across to them that they were responsible to multiply.  Nothing seem to work.  But one day reading Matthew 28:16-20 in dawned on me that I was responsible for making disciple-making disciples.


I was to prepare them to make disciple rather than prepare them to be a disciple.  As the lights came on I saw that the methods I had used grew out of my gifts and passions.  Nothing wrong with that except they were gifted and impassioned differently.  I love to read and great authors impacted my life greatly so I exposed them to Nouwen, Willard, Crabb, Manning, Bonhoeffer, and others.  I love to read, reflect and gouged out the implications of these thinkers and drive it deep into my life.  I had the luxury of a Bachelors in Greek and a Master in Theology.  I had this deep theological framework to lay these authors against,  In short I possessed a journey that they couldn’t repeat.

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