Checking in from Ethiopia

I am about to finish up a trip to Kenya and Ethiopia.

We’ve been with disciple making leaders (DMM) in both countries.

The lack of internet, sleep and language skills creates a nagging fatigue.  The interaction with these leaders more than makes up for the challenges we’ve faced.

So challenged and encourage by the Lifeway Mission International leaders and the movements they are starting.  Now we are in Addis being challenged by leaders trying to refocusing their sights on the urban population.

A city like Addis which is under construction, literally, has so many micro-tribes across their 4 to 8 million people (whoever you believe) that to begin to define a City Strategy also seems like attempting the impossible.

But impossible feats always begin with someone thinking that the impossible is possible.  It is challenging to be with a group of Ethiopian leaders who are willing to thinking the impossible!

While I was away Spent Matches hit the streets and sold out immediately.  Never fear I bought a fair amount to distribute.  You can buy one, ten, twenty or a case by clicking above on BUY!

Looking forward to getting back to the US this week and back into the saddle.

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