Condomzied Christianity

In the vein that condoms allow for safe sex, the Christian world has followed suit putting a barrier between “them” and “us” allowing for a safe, non-transferrable Christianity. There are Christian schools, music, books, toys, art, bookstores, dating sites, movies, youtube look a like, vacations, yellow pages, jewelry and don’t forget the clothing, not the … Read moreCondomzied Christianity

Lighting a fire to escape a fire-Now that is Counter-intuitive!

Moving from my traditional way of doing Christianity, disciple-ship took a radical change in my thinking.  Disciple Making Movement strategy is counter-intuitive to the core.  If these changes don’t reach my core then I am guilty of doing as Jesus warned, “putting new wine in old wineskins.” The transition to a new way of thinking … Read moreLighting a fire to escape a fire-Now that is Counter-intuitive!

It is a simple message, isn’t it?

What began as a simple message of obedience may have been complicated by well intentioned but misguided devotees. Without institutions to educate, denominations to ordain and book companies to publish, the followers of Jesus managed to rapidly multiply from a handful to millions 300 years later.  In fact Acts 19:10 suggest that 15 million people … Read moreIt is a simple message, isn’t it?

Why “Network” Marketers Succeed?

If you’ve been alive for the last 40 years you’ve been approached by someone who considers themselves a “network” marketer.  To be honest we used to call them “Multi-level Marketers” or MLM for short but that became a negative bombshell so now we call them “network” marketers. Every decade seems to populated with new and … Read moreWhy “Network” Marketers Succeed?

Have we been going in the wrong direction?

Bee Wilson in her latest book, First Bite, points  to ways that work and don’t work when you are trying to change someone’s diet.  Frightening discovery—- Despite the large amounts of money spent by governments, vegetable consumption is going down. The more people get advised to eat vegetables the less it seems they eat them. … Read moreHave we been going in the wrong direction?

Could a simple solution change the tide? (Metaphor Monday)

In the mid-1800s underprivileged pregnant women in Vienna often gave birth in the street rather than using the services of the First Clinic at Vienna General Hospital. If they had to go to the hospital they requested the Second Clinic that was staffed by midwives rather than doctors. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis wondered why pregnant women … Read moreCould a simple solution change the tide? (Metaphor Monday)

Why “DBS” doesn’t work (Metaphor Mondays)

Often times I get asked, “Why doesn’t ‘DBS’ work??  The question is directed at an acronym ‘DBS’ which in my world stands for “Discovery Bible Study.”  In my particular tribe we don’t use the term for reasons I explain in Spent Matches. (p. 116) Usually the context of the question comes from a group of … Read moreWhy “DBS” doesn’t work (Metaphor Mondays)

Is the modern Church on a “burning platform”? (Monday Metaphors)

The “burning platform” metaphor comes from the Piper Alpha oil-drilling disaster in the North Sea, the worst disaster in the history of North Sea oil exploration, where 166 crew and 2 rescuers lost their lives. Superintendent Andy Mochan survived the disaster by leaping from the burning platform into the oil-fired frozen ocean. He knew he … Read moreIs the modern Church on a “burning platform”? (Monday Metaphors)

Vision isn’t everything especially if a rung is missing

As young leader I quickly got intoxicated on the power of vision.  If you could draw a compelling picture of the future, much like the juicy red apple at the top of the ladder, people would follow you. An abrupt reality though was that they would follow only as long as their reality and your future … Read moreVision isn’t everything especially if a rung is missing

Millenials, a metaphor for disaster!

Invariably when meeting with people (usually more vintage in years) attempting to move the Kingdom of Jesus forward on this earth, the discussion turns to the “Millenials.”  If we could just figure out how to reach, engage, extract money from and the list goes— the “Millenials”—then _____________ (you fill in the blank but it generally … Read moreMillenials, a metaphor for disaster!