Condomized Christianity

It seems that in the vein that condoms allow for safe sex, the so called Christian world has followed suit allowing for a safe, non-transferrable Christianity. There are Christian schools, music, books, bookstores, dating sites, yellow pages, jewelry and don’t forget the clothing, not the least of which are the T-shirts. I would suspect that … Read moreCondomized Christianity

Hybrid Church: Can the local church and DMM strategy co-exist?

My introduction to current automobile technology came when my octogenarian in-laws wanted a new car although neither could drive at the time! You just don’t argue with 80+ year old people. A friend owned a car they were looking at so we borrowed it for a test drive. I had never driven a Hybrid car.  Being ever practical … Read moreHybrid Church: Can the local church and DMM strategy co-exist?

The Church as a Paraphernalia Shop

I spent my formative years in Hawaii where marijuana would find you rather than having to look for it.  But there was a unique phenomena surrounding the use of marijuana. There were shops that sold the paraphernalia for consuming marijuana but not marijuana.  Obviously its sale was legally controlled or rather prohibited but not the … Read moreThe Church as a Paraphernalia Shop