Guest Post by David Broodryk

You can get David’s post directly from Movements are not a technique by David Broodryk Published: Sunday, 26 March 2017 19:37 About 20 years ago, I became involved in the cell church movement. Churches around the world were discovering that Sunday services were not great for making disciples. Initially, there was massive resistance to … Read moreGuest Post by David Broodryk

Are there HERETICS in the pews of Evangelical Churches?

Often when someone encounters Disciple-making Movement strategy, they get concerned about non-believers reading the Bible, learn to obey and share what they are learning.  The question goes like this, “How do you avoid heresy?”  The presumption is, there must be a “trained” human there to manage the content to avoid ‘misinterpreting’ the Bible. I heard … Read moreAre there HERETICS in the pews of Evangelical Churches?

CPM/DMM, a method John Wesley could endorse?

(CPM refers to David Garrison’s use of the term in  his book Church Planting Movements and provides this definition “a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.” David Watson, a practitioner of CPM adds to definiton by suggesting four generations deep and 100 churches/Biblically functioning communities … Read moreCPM/DMM, a method John Wesley could endorse?

On Mission-Virtual Conference-FREE!

OnMission On April 6th, 2016 at 12pm ET – Missio Nexus will launch their first, inaugural OnMission virtual conference. This first conference will feature speakers in 10 minute spot-talks focused on issues the local church faces. Topics Partnership The Nations in our Neighborhoods Best Practices What I Wish They Knew… Speakers John Becker– Vision 5:9 Bob … Read moreOn Mission-Virtual Conference-FREE!

Disciple KC Conference on completing the Great Commission in KC

Join the discussion around completing the Great Commission in Kansas City Jesus commanded us to make disciples of “ALL” people groups. In response to this command Disciple KC pursues a strategy to accomplish Jesus’ last command in Kansas City. Strategically envisioning all the sectors of Kansas City; geographic, ethnological, demographic, vocational, age, income, affinity, Disciple … Read moreDisciple KC Conference on completing the Great Commission in KC

Lighting a fire to escape a fire-Now that is Counter-intuitive!

Moving from my traditional way of doing Christianity, disciple-ship took a radical change in my thinking.  Disciple Making Movement strategy is counter-intuitive to the core.  If these changes don’t reach my core then I am guilty of doing as Jesus warned, “putting new wine in old wineskins.” The transition to a new way of thinking … Read moreLighting a fire to escape a fire-Now that is Counter-intuitive!

Why we should pay attention to the AK-47?

In 1947 if you were given a decision to invest resources in a project that would shape the world, would you choose RDS-1  a bomb equal to 20 kilotons of TNT designed by Igor V. Kurchatov, lead physicist, of the Soviet nuclear weapons program OR a new light weight automatic weapon (AK-47 Automat Kalashnikov) designed by Mikhail Tomofeyevich Kalashnikov … Read moreWhy we should pay attention to the AK-47?

Christians may have gotten it wrong!

I received this from my friend and mentor Harry Brown of Cityteam.  Full disclosure, I guess would require me to cite that I am a board member of Cityteam to which I owe a debt of gratitude  to Harry, Pat, Dave, David, Hermie and others in helping me get to the understanding I have today … Read moreChristians may have gotten it wrong!

Why “Network” Marketers Succeed?

If you’ve been alive for the last 40 years you’ve been approached by someone who considers themselves a “network” marketer.  To be honest we used to call them “Multi-level Marketers” or MLM for short but that became a negative bombshell so now we call them “network” marketers. Every decade seems to populated with new and … Read moreWhy “Network” Marketers Succeed?

Wait, Law Enforcement Establishment Are Reversing Their Advice

Law enforcement waited 35 minutes before breaching the Bataclan Theater last month in Paris.  Anderson Cooper on a recent 60 minutes quoted a law enforcement official saying that this response is based on an old American model that has been abandoned. Columbine was a gruesome teacher.  Police waited 45 minutes before breaching the building.  While … Read moreWait, Law Enforcement Establishment Are Reversing Their Advice

Have we been going in the wrong direction?

Bee Wilson in her latest book, First Bite, points  to ways that work and don’t work when you are trying to change someone’s diet.  Frightening discovery—- Despite the large amounts of money spent by governments, vegetable consumption is going down. The more people get advised to eat vegetables the less it seems they eat them. … Read moreHave we been going in the wrong direction?

Hybrid Church-Disciple Making Movements in the local church

I am in Cote d’Ivoire right now working with 300 pastors, helping them understand how they can integrate disciple making movements strategy in a local church. I humbled by the way the Hybrid Concept helps make this easier to understand and implement. Here is a message I gave at the iDisciple Conference that Cityteam held … Read moreHybrid Church-Disciple Making Movements in the local church

Read Spent Matches in 20 Minutes

Thanks to Tom Law you can read a summary of Spent Matches in less time that it takes to decide on which fast food restaurant you want to eat at. Book Summary: Spent Matches: Igniting the Signal Fire for the Spiritually Dissatisfied Roy Moran Summary Posted: October 12, 2015 Our modern aversion to motivating by … Read moreRead Spent Matches in 20 Minutes

In need of a favor!

Most of us don’t consider ourselves salesman, in fact, the average person has a stomach turning reaction to selling or being sold. Yet in To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink argues that the majority of the American workforce is in the “selling business.” Each day we have to “move” people. They have something we want-time, … Read moreIn need of a favor!

Summer Internship for Global Impact

Summer Internship with a Global Focus  Shoal Creek Community Church is re-starting its summer internship program which it ran for 11 years. Download flyer SCSummerinternship Raising a generation for the nations In partnership with Frontiers and other sending agencies, Shoal Creek has opened the application process for twelve summer interns focusing on reaching unreached populations … Read moreSummer Internship for Global Impact

Could a simple solution change the tide? (Metaphor Monday)

In the mid-1800s underprivileged pregnant women in Vienna often gave birth in the street rather than using the services of the First Clinic at Vienna General Hospital. If they had to go to the hospital they requested the Second Clinic that was staffed by midwives rather than doctors. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis wondered why pregnant women … Read moreCould a simple solution change the tide? (Metaphor Monday)

Why “DBS” doesn’t work (Metaphor Mondays)

Often times I get asked, “Why doesn’t ‘DBS’ work??  The question is directed at an acronym ‘DBS’ which in my world stands for “Discovery Bible Study.”  In my particular tribe we don’t use the term for reasons I explain in Spent Matches. (p. 116) Usually the context of the question comes from a group of … Read moreWhy “DBS” doesn’t work (Metaphor Mondays)