Alarming Spiritual Trends

“We must picture Hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment. This, to begin with.” ~C.S. Lewis

Dear Hognut,

I can not tell you how elated I am that my previous posts cast a long enough shadow, creating the buzz necessary to reinstate myself into a supervisory role in our organization.

It quite surprised me—as I am sure it did you when you no doubt heard—that I was to be removed from my post for an undesignated period.  

My theory, more well-informed of course than most others, is that there was a jealousy brewing among some higherups regarding my capabilities and potential qualifications to be promoted to their rank (please keep this tasty tidbit to yourself and refrain from sharing it vertically or horizontally).

I have my finger on something that few others in our organization are aware of.

While some supervisors have their heads deep in the weeds of particular cases and others get bleary-eyed looking at the grander picture, I have noted some dangerous blips on the map, spiritual trends you might call them, which if left unaddressed could present significant problems for our overarching initiatives and long-range organizational goals.

When my findings are fully recognized, I will no doubt be promoted to a rank much higher than you could ever dream of attaining.

You may have heard it explained that the ranking system our organization employs was uniquely designed for us.  Of course, humans have attempted to implement our structure everywhere from their families and corporate org charts to their religious institutions.  

It is quite humorous (if one is given to humor) to observe the ensuing disunity, mistrust, and inequality that results.

Some have falsely attributed the origin of our organizational ranking system to the Enemy.  Of course, it was our Chief Operating Officer, our Father Below himself, who arranged the levels and ranks for us, with himself firmly fixed at the highest office.

To say the least, I was elated, while reviewing your client’s file, to discover that he is a reverend.  And not just a member of the so-called clergy, but one who insists on being addressed by exalted titles like “Pastor,” which he finds ever so much satisfaction in.  What’s more, he revels in discussing his rank, experience, and education ad nauseum.

Your weak ramblings in your initial briefing and the lack of clarity in your client plan speak loudly and clearly that you have failed to grasp how simple this assignment can be for you!

This may very well become a backburner account that provides rich dividends for you, requiring only minimal maintenance—while you can give your attention to taking on additional clientele.  In this case, your perceived enemy can very easily become your ally.  In fact, he already may be an asset to our cause!

I hope you will soon wake up and smell the coffee in the fellowship hall!  Realize you have nothing to fear just because your current client is “religious.”  

The world of human religion is an opportunistic playground for us, as it often inherently embraces several foundational pillars, which our organization prizes.  A few of which are the love of power, manipulation, domination, control, wealth, rank… need I go on?

If you have done your homework—which would be hard to believe—you may remember that our Enemy addressed this very matter during his incarnate years on this earth.

The Enemy instructed his disciples they were not to be addressed by honorific titles like Rabbi, Teacher, or Father.  This was important to him because he, dangerously, knew what was in a human heart.

He recognized humankind is given toward pride.  Thus, they jump when the opportunity presents itself to find identity or a sense of worth in position, power, or personal accomplishments.

Each of these pitfalls have the potent allure of quicksand, pulling hard and holding fast any who would stumble or stride into them.

Make sure that portions of the Book, like those aforementioned, are hidden from your client.  Of course, he can read and even teach them, but ensure they remain veiled.

He is free to explain them away by complicated reasoning, suggesting they are only applicable to the earliest disciples or via some other convoluted theological or, otherwise, logical arguments.

If he is completely convinced in his own mind, those who hear his profound explanations will equally be either thoroughly convicted or confused.  Either is our delight!

More on this soon.  Keep me updated on your progress.

Breathing down your neck and looking over your shoulder (at times, quite literally),

Preptor S.

If you’d like to talk more about multiplicative disciple making, reach out to us…

Roy Moran

Marcus Constantine

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