• Traveler, sometimes guide
  • Addicted to the exploration of my depravity, the reformation of my soul by grace and living in the dignity my Father in Heaven has granted me.
  • Husband of the sexiest 58 year old woman you’ve ever met, Candy
  • Father of 4 totally depraved and wonderfully being remade kids, Alyssa, Trevor, Jessie, Colin and two Son in laws, Ross and Tim; two daughter in laws, Chanda and RickiĀ  (okay and 4 granddogs, Trigger, Cash, Trip, Ali and Abigail!) and 8 (almost 9) grandchildren.
  • On a lifelong quest to break 80
  • Chief Scout and trail buster for Shoal Creek
  • author of Spent Matches: igniting signal fires for the spiritually dissatisfied (Feb. ’15 pub. date)

Roy Moran