Read Spent Matches in 20 Minutes

Thanks to Tom Law you can read a summary of Spent Matches in less time that it takes to decide on which fast food restaurant you want to eat at. Book Summary: Spent Matches: Igniting the Signal Fire for the Spiritually Dissatisfied Roy Moran Summary Posted: October 12, 2015 Our modern aversion to motivating by … Read more Read Spent Matches in 20 Minutes

In need of a favor!

Most of us don’t consider ourselves salesman, in fact, the average person has a stomach turning reaction to selling or being sold. Yet in To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink argues that the majority of the American workforce is in the “selling business.” Each day we have to “move” people. They have something we want-time, … Read more In need of a favor!

Summer Internship for Global Impact

Summer Internship with a Global Focus  Shoal Creek Community Church is re-starting its summer internship program which it ran for 11 years. Download flyer SCSummerinternship Raising a generation for the nations In partnership with Frontiers and other sending agencies, Shoal Creek has opened the application process for twelve summer interns focusing on reaching unreached populations … Read more Summer Internship for Global Impact