Are we on the cusp of a new Reformation?

In my bones I feel the birth pangs of change.  A new Reformation which de-industrializes the “church.”  Trust me I am no prophet.  Geez, I matriculated from Dallas Seminary, they’d rescind my degree if they heard me talking like this.  But something is up! Seth Godin’s challenge to business leaders could be couched as a … Read moreAre we on the cusp of a new Reformation?

Millenials, a metaphor for disaster!

Invariably when meeting with people (usually more vintage in years) attempting to move the Kingdom of Jesus forward on this earth, the discussion turns to the “Millenials.”  If we could just figure out how to reach, engage, extract money from and the list goes— the “Millenials”—then _____________ (you fill in the blank but it generally … Read moreMillenials, a metaphor for disaster!