What kind of Gospel?

Dallas Willard inadvertently set me up to understand a new way of “gospeling” and prepare me to understand DMM. In this video he makes a case for moving away from a “gospel of forgiveness” because it isn’t in line with Jesus’ desire to make disciples. Although it is rather long, I’ve never regretted listening to … Read moreWhat kind of Gospel?

What can a Disciple Making Movement catalyst learn from Apple?

My incessant,often addictive thirst for knowledge leads me strange places.  On a blog entitled Turnaround Pastor, the author suggest the “Turnaround Pastor” can learn from Apple.  Specifically a talk given by Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple. I thought it might have relevance to those of us attempting to catalyze multiplicative disciple making … Read moreWhat can a Disciple Making Movement catalyst learn from Apple?

Is all I’ve been taught, WRONG?

If what we’ve been taught about world geography is wrong (watch video below), could it be that all we’ve been taught about the Mission of God in this world wrong too? Did Jesus trust the qualified or release the willing? tell us to plant churches or make disciples? command us to teach all the commands … Read moreIs all I’ve been taught, WRONG?