13 Of The Most Pressing Questions About Refugees Answered With Charts

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or step thru them question by question.

Here are the 13 questions we will attempt to answer:

1. How many refugees come to the US every year?

2. How does the number of refugees compare to other types of immigrants?

3. Where do refugees come from?

4. How many refugees come from Syria?

5. How many refugees are Muslim?

6. How will accepting refugees change the population of Muslims in the US?

7. Where do refugees settle?

8. What is the impact of states refusing refugee settlements on the refugee population?

9. What is the demographic makeup of refugees?

10. How many refugees are “young single males”?

11. How many refugees been arrested for terrorist activities?

12. How much does refugee resettlement cost the federal government?

13. How does spending on refugees compare with spending on veterans and the homeless?


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